Hardfacing Australia is a wholly owned Australian company based in Queensland.

Bob Little the principal director of Hardfacing Australia has been in the earthmoving and timber grinding industries for over 35 years. Bob Little owned and operated timber grinding machines for 7 years and during this time explored every available method of hardfacing to increase the life of the ground engaging tools. Bob found that the hammers, points & screens in the timber grinder mill was especially subjected to high impact wear and maintenance on the mill parts was very high.

Bob whilst in America was taught hardfacing professionally how to apply tunsten carbide welding to wear surfaces on various different types of ground engaging tools. Bob has owned and operated a full automatic tungsten carbide hard face welder now for 7 years and also a welding lath that can place tungsten carbide on road profilers and mining points. Bob understands how important it is for contractors to keep their
machines operating and limit down time. Hardfacing Australia are able to offer this service to contractors in the Earthmoving and Mining Industries.

Over the years Bob has performed many trials with major mining companies such as BMA Goonyella Riverside, Yarrabee Coal, Jellinbah Mining, BMA Sarraja Mine just to name a few. Where different teeth & blade patterns have been implemented , resulting in an extraordinary increase in life and performance of the ground engaging tools.

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